Trisha Has a Mud Bath
408 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 23:55

Can you have a bath with your clothes on? Well in the Philippines, that is how they (traditionally) go swimming. So Trisha was actually going native when she hit the clay fully clothed!

Trisha always looks good. So a tight skirt, black boots and rose coloured summer top hits the spot in the tropical sun. (If you look closely, you can see her sweating). This particular location is nice and remote as well, with a lush hillside and banana trees in the background.

With her distinctive almond eyes, Trisha gives the camera some awesome looks during the scene. And a lot of her bubbly personality comes through as well. She gets the boots muddy and then removes them, her bare feet sliding into the smooth, thick clay. She then gets covered slowly while taking breaks to walk and crawl around the pit.

Of course, no Muddy Pinays scene would be complete without some nice facial coverage, which comes at the end of her messy bath. The photo set includes a large offering of Trisha washing up in the river with Lovely. Thank you Trisha!

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