Trisha and Joy Mud Pole Glamour
794 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 30:19

Sometimes the girls have the best idea. So when Joy and Trisha started posing in the middle of an action scene, they looked so good we decided to go ahead and take pictures of the pretty mess they became!

Trisha, one of our original TSM gals, and Joy, a newcomer, look fantastic together in the mud. There is a fair amount of movement early in the scene when they try to negotiate the bamboo pole. It was easy at first. But then it got some clay on it and became slippery. Trisha, in blue, seemed to always find the deep spot and Joy seemed to want to take advantage of the break by posing. Well, that is all it took to change the scene!

Trisha did not hesitate to join in and before long a messy photoshoot was under way with the two ladies getting muddy and the clothes slowly coming off! They top off the muddy fun with some nice face dunking.

Have a look at the pictures and preview video. Like I said, these tow beauties look great together. Spend some time enjoying this long and pleasurable scene. It is what they wanted all along!

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