Not the Mud! Bea and Anne
318 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 12:25

Bea thinks that Anne kissed her boyfriend. So she drags Anne outside and shoves her into a shallow pond. She ends up in the water with her and they have a nice tussle, getting wet.

And then, if that was not enough, Bea drags her to the mud and shoves her in there as well. But what fun would it be if she did not also get messy?

For this wet and messy adventure, Bea wears a tight, black mini dress and Anne looks equally hot in an orange dress. Both of these ladies are very tall and leggy and absolutely delightful to watch both in the water and in the black slippery clay!

In the mud, they push and shove and make sure that the dark mud gets everywhere, including their hair. Towards the end, they pull each others dresses off making sure the clay covers their bodies completely!

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