No Not the Mud! - Laine and Trixie
654 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 23:30

Trixie is going to teach Laine (in the purple dress) not to mess with her boyfriend. First, she shoves her into a shallow fish pond. When Laine tries to get out, Trixie shoves her in again, and again. <>br>
Trixie is so mad that she does not mind getting wet as well. Her tight dress and boots will be punished in the pond just as those of Laine. But it is not just a soaking that Trixie has in mind. After the fish pond, she drags Laine to a nice little mud pit and shoves her in there as well!

What follows is a very pleasing girl fight in the slippery clay. The (actual pottery) clay begins to cover their clothes and boots and young bodies. They take their boots off after a while. And the dresses come off as well. In the end, they both submit to getting messy by letting each other dunk their faces in the ooze!

This is a wonderfully long and wet and messy scene featuring two beautiful Filipino gals. Fun times!

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