Nicole and Laine on the Mud Pole
582 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 31:50

It was only a matter of time before we got New Girl Laine on the mud pole. And if that was not pleasurable enough, she was joined by veteran cutie Nicole!

Nicole wasted no time showing Laine the challenge of trying to cross the slippery bamboo pole. You can clearly watch their bare feet trying to find a grip - and their delicious bodies trying to stay balanced.

Of course, they could not stay on the pole for long. So a good deal of this long scene is spent with them getting filthy in the mud pit. Even so, each time some of their clothes came off, they were back up on the pole - and falling off of it again!

Their is genuinely good chemistry here, as Nicole and Laine had fun cooling off on the thick clay. Did I mention their clothes came off? This is one of the rare scenes where they ended up covered in nothing but the clay of the Mango plantation. Good times!

This is long and enjoyable scene featuring a lot of playful action and really nice messy coverage.

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