Michelle and Her Mud Addiction
470 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 16:10

Want to watch a beautiful gal succumb to her love of mud?

Michelle has a real problem staying out of the ooze. As attractive as she is, her body can not resist the feel of clay clinging to her as she moves through it!

So when she is walking through a banana plantation and spots some wet clay, she goes right for it. First her legs get covered, and then more and more of her body. She removes her clothing as she goes along, so nobody will know...

Once she is down to her panties, Michelle loses whatever control is left and pleases herself by humping the clay, first on her back, and then more effectively on her knees. She puts on quite a show for one, as it were. But, we get to watch!

After she settles down, she climbs out, puts on her clothes, and saunters off, convinced that nobody will know.....

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