Kim and Her Mud Addiction
296 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 13:24

Kim is a good girl. She really is. But she has this thing about mud, ever since a chance encounter on a college field trip.

Now, when she gets a chance, she sneaks out and gets muddy!

Dressed in a pleated skirt and stripped tank top, she spots and inviting looking patch of gooey clay. Constantly making sure that nobody can see her, she steps in and begins her ritual. First it is her feet and legs. Then, dropping the skirt, she starts to rub the mud higher and higher on her slender body.

Eventually, she lifts her top off and settles into the clay for a proper good time. She still looks to see if anybody is watching, but she cares less and less as the familiar feel of the thick mud coating her body overloads her senses. Before long, she starts moving in the mud in that certain way....

Kim is a good girl, so she keeps her bra and panties on. But she is not so good that she can not have an orgasm right there in the messy outdoors! Satisfied, she eventually lifts herself out of the fun spot, puts her clothes on, and wanders off. Nice!

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