Jane Loses a Bet
354 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 23:35

Well, Mylyn has Jane just where she wants her - on a losing end of a bet and in the mud! But where does it all lead?

Jane is looking as hot as ever in khaki short shorts and a white crop top and antagonist Mylyn is sporting a green skirt and top. The day is hot, as usual, and the clay smooth and inviting....

Jane does a good job getting muddy. But she does not want to hog the mess, so she drags Mylyn in there with her! From there, it is a proper mud fight with the dark pottery clay sticking to them nicely.

The skirt that Mylyn is wearing really collects the mud, as well as her hair. But Jane does not escape getting covered as well. There are wonderful shots along the way in this long scene.

And the bet? Mylyn eventually confesses that two plus two really does equal four. Who knew?

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