Trisha and Boots and Mudness
378 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 13:15

Once in a while, I'm amazed at how things come together, and this is one of those times that makes all the hard work worth while!

In this wonderful update, Trisha strolls into view shooting the camera with little 'finger guns'. She then shoots darts through the hearts of mud lovers as she slowly gets her boots muddy. She then dips ever so deeper into the sticky clay, until her firm legs are covered. She then proceeds to plaster the rest of herself with the brown goo!

Eventually, Trisha dips her face into the mud and walks off fully covered. She also keeps her boots on for the entire scene - wiping them of excess mud several times. There are extra sample photos for this update because, well, there are so many very good shots to choose from!

Check out the free previews and see if this is mudness for you too....

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