"Oh Oh!" Part 2
302 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 12:12

The fun continues, as this time, it's Liza that comes along and gets ambushed by the mud monsters!

Ami and Sherly have worn themselves out wrestling in the rice paddy goo, and are camouflaged in the muck. Liza, sporting a tight green dress comes walking along at just the wrong moment and is pulled straight into the mud. From there' it's a fun and titillating romp as Ami and Sherly do their best to get Liza covered from head to toe!

There is a lot of nice physical action throughout this part of the scene, punctuated with slower moments that afford us a nice look at these lovely muddy pinays.

It all ends with the three of them, strutting off into the distance, covered with muck. Is it worth stepping back in time? You bet!!

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