"Oh Oh!" Part 1
354 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 16:15

Get ready for a fun ride in the Muddy Pinays time machine as we travel back to our first big season and indulge in a tremendous mud fest - featuring Ami, Sherly and Liza!

This adventure starts with Ami, walking next to a rice paddy filled with thick and gooey mud. She stumbles in or course, but doesn't seem to mind getting mucky. Her boots bog her down quite a bit, but she leaves them on until both they and her legs are filthy.

After removing the boots, she continues with her muddy wallow in the rice paddy, ending up prone, and quite camouflaged...

And then when Sherly comes along, in a bright red dress, just asking to be yanked into the ooze with Ami. And pulled in she is! Part one concludes with Sherly's mud initiation fully under way. What could possibly happen in part two?

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