Mud Pit Tug of War part 1
120 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 21:00

Ready for a good time in the mud?

You want to be for this update, because it really delivers!

Nicole and Gara walk into this muddy mess wearing very nice looking lingerie with just panties underneath. They pick up a large rope and start playing tug of war over the mud pit. When either of them falls in, the other pulls her out with the rope. Pretty cool!

Eventually, they abandon the rope and concentrate on getting each other super muddy. After they get covered with the ooze, the lingerie comes off.... This scene was interesting to edit. First, there was so much nice footage of them pushing each other around (in part two), I kept this long and was forced to break it into two parts. Also, a lot of re-framing was required, so it has been rendered in Standard Definition - but with a high data rate. Check out the preview!

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