Mud Frisbee! Grace and Gara
312 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 19:10

Ok, they don't actually play with the Frisbee very much, but these best friends sure get the mud part right!

Grace and Gara start this scene wearing sarongs, but they are soon discarded, revealing bikini bottoms (Gara in white, Grace in green) that really acentuate the allure of these two island beauties.

After tossing the Frisbee back and forth a couple times, they start throwing globs of thick clay at each other. The mud is so sticky that it stays wherever it hits them, piling up on their bare legs. After stalking each other around the pit, Grace eventually pushed Gara into the muck and then falls down herself. This is followed by the girls repeatedly struggling to get up and then falling down again. The whole time, they just keep getting more mud on them! Eventually, they dunk each other in the clay, finishing what they started when they decided to play Frisbee in the mud!

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