Kathlyn, Pearl and the Mud Pole part 2
212 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 11:45

Hang on, because these two are just getting warmed up!
Kathlyn and Pearl continue to have fun in the mud as they attack each other's clean hair with handfulls of the goopy clay. Then, at the end, they get to give each other facials!
Taken with part one, it's yet another epic mud scene from Muddy Pinays.

Kathlyn, Pearl and the Mud Pole part 1
240 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 13:00

Ah, that bamboo pole across the mud pit again. That's right - and we have two new gals ready to try it out!
Meet Kathlyn and Pearl as they get muddy for the first time. Kathlyn is wearing a nice white dress with artsy print on the front, while Pearl is wearing a tight brown dress. They both go bare foot in the mud.
They start by take turns walking across the pole, and sure enough, they each fall in the deep thick mud. They then face off on the pole and try to push each other off! It's good messy fun as they are pretty filthy by the end of this first part of two. Have fun!

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