Day Solo Mud Glamour
406 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 18:15

You know that kind of Girl Next Door that has a body you just want to squeeze? Here is one! But Day is more than that. In fact, the more you watch her, the more attractive she becomes.

Day walks into sporting an attractive flower sarong. But it is not destined for the mud. She discards it, revealing a soft, creamy body, nicely punctuated by black lycra shorts and sports top.

It was really hot on this day, so the mud feels good on Day. She get more and more of it on her body, until she is laying down in it, her nice legs and extraordinary hips lathered in creamy clay!

She finishes off her mud encounter with a couple nice face dunks and some full coverage posing. Her face is serene as she enjoys the feeling of being plastered with the smooth clay....

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