Chelle Enjoys Mud Glamour
230 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 20:15

This is classic. A cute Filipina with beautiful smooth brown skin in creamy brown mud - and enjoying it!

Chelle (sister of Andrea) is the quintessential girl next door in the Philippines. She is shy. But when you get to know her, it is obvious that she likes to have fun. And she likes to be admired.

And that is why she is here, to thrill guys who like girls muddy! She steps in barefoot and then sits right down in the warm goodness of the natural clay. She has no problem getting covered with it. In fact, this scene features some nice slow moments simply savoring the look of her rubbing her muddy arms, and eventually getting the goo in her hair.

Eventually, Chelle stands up and lets the skirt fall. You can just see by how she moves her legs in the mud that it feels good. Then she rolls around a bit before standing up and walking right into the deepest part. Delicious!

This scene was shot late in the day, so it appears a little dark. But have a look. You will not miss seeing anything.

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