DVD: Mud Action DVD #05
Six more messy and fun scenes full of Muddy Pinays!

Scenes appearing on this DVD:

Rice Paddy Sarongs
Andrea and Richelle are on their way to a patio party when they get caught in a downpour - and a rice paddy!

They both look great in camo print bikinis (short short style bottoms) and colorful sarongs. The sarongs come off about half way through the scene.

This was shot during a tropical depression and towards then end, it really starts coming down! So if you like pretty girls getting mucky in the elements, this is for you!

The photo set ends abruptly as I ran out of memory a sizeable distance from my camera case. But the video captures the entire scene. ;-)

Outdoor Mud Wrestling
Trisha and (new girl) Shane D are arguing over a goat, and end up in the mud!

"It is my goat!" is all we hear until the mudiness begins. Then, it is almost all Trisha, who is not a quiet lady...

Both are wearing black bicycle shorts style bikini bottoms and halter style bikini tops. Shane Ds top is black while Trishas top is teal green. They both enter the scene wearing colorful sarongs as well, but they are discarded soon after they enter the clay.

Watch as they get muddy bit by bit until they are completely covered with the sticky clay. This is a fun action scene that should not be missed!

Also, the photo set includes a large number of very good cleanup shots in a river.

Angel and Trisha Mud Pole pt1
Ready for more mud pole action?

This time it is Trisha and Angel having fun and getting completely covered in mud!

Trisha is wearing a very short pink dress (with nice white cotton panties underneath) and white canvas sneakers, while Angel is wearing a nice looking blue dress and blue canvas sneakers. As you can see, the sneakers do not stay clean very long!

These two Filipino beauties have similar bodies but different personalities. See which one appeals to you as the mudiness ensues!

Angel and Trisha Mud Pole pt2
And here is part two!

The action continues as Angel and Trisha first throw mud at each other - and then attack each others hair! After that, they take turns pushing each others faces into the clay pit. This is a great scene featuring two wonderful Pinays!

Sheer Lingerie and Thick Mud
What a combination! - especially when there are two beautiful Pinays involved!

Andrea and May Ly treat us to a visual feast as they step barefoot into thick and creamy pottery clay, and proceed to paint each others exposed skin with the clay. They also sculpt each others hair with it.

After that, they playfully wrestle in the dark ooze, and plaster each others faces with it!

This is good stuff!

Anne is Introduced to Mud
It is time to meet Anne, and time for her to meet the mud pit!

Anne is escorted by Monique as she gets muddy for the first time. Anne is wearing a pretty dress of pea green with horizontal black stripes with maroon patterns in them, while Monique is sporting a short denim skirt and a tight striped spaghetti strap top. Both are wearing flop flops but remove them and go into the clay barefoot.

Anne is hesitant at first, but as she gets coated with the clay, enjoys it more and more. Have a look and see for yourself!

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