DVD: Mud Action DVD #03
Yet another Mud Action disc!. This one features Andrea, Aiza, Maria, Cathy, Juliette, Sandra, May, Kathlyn and Pearl in muddy, mucky action!

Scenes appearing on this DVD:

Mud Pole Action part 1
Here we go!
Andrea and Aiza wear it out in this two part update filled with fun and extreme mudiness! Andrea is wearing tight pale green shorts and a geen sleeveless top, while Aiza is sprting denim short shorts and a nice black sleeveless top.
The fun starts when they take turns walking across a big bamboo pole spanning the mud pit. They don't stay clean for long! First, their legs, and then the rest of their bodies, get gooped with the sticky clay. Part two features more coverage, but you don't want to miss the spills and laughter contained here. Check it out!

Mud Pole Action part 2
And here we go some more!
The action continues as Andrea and Aiza shove the pole aside and settle into plastering each other with gobs of gooey mud! They start by slathering each other's arms and chests then move onto giving each other a filthy hair do. After they are pretty well messed up they chase each other around the pit a couple times. They finish the scene by dunking each other's face in the mud - and then go off looking for....more mud!

As always, plenty of outtake and cleanup shots are included in the photo set.

Serious Mud Fight
How serious? Well somewhere in this scene, Andrea gives new girl Mariah one right in the chops!
What started as a basic mud wrestling scene got testy when Andrea got tired of being whomped by Mariah (who has about 40 lbs on Andrea). So Andrea cranked it up and started getting an upper hand. By the end of the scene, it was all Andrea.
This scene is loaded with physical action. Watch the preview and you'll see!
Andrea was wearing a pleated denim skirt and a cotton top, while Mariah wore a flower print cotton dress. While the scene may not have been pretty at times, at least her dress was!

Mud Punishment!
New girl Juliette has been bad, and Cathy has just the punishment for her - a trip to a mud pit!
After watching Juliette wallow in the mud, and pushing her down a couple extra times, Cathy gets dragged in. Some good old fashioned mud fighting ensues! Juliette starts this scene on the nervous and shy end of things, but finishes like a true Muddy Pinay. She had fun!
Cathy is wearing a denim pleated skirt and white tee shirt, while Juliette is sporting a pleated cottoin skirt and a pale blue tree shirt. Get ready for a mess!

Sandra and May Super Mud!
What's better than two babes nailing each other with super soakers? Having them end up in the mud!
Watch as May and Sandra do battle in thick mud. May is wearing white tennis shorts and a yellow spaghetti strap top while Sandra is sporting white short shorts and a purple top. They both wear sneakers into the mud but end up barefoot. Listen for the loud thunder near the beginning of the scene!
This scene was shot by the crew in the Philippines (I wasn't there), so it's available as DV (SD) quality only. Also, the photographer lost track of his shutter speed, so there's some blurring. But it's a fun set to look at none the less!

Kathlyn, Pearl and the Mud Pole part 1
Ah, that bamboo pole across the mud pit again. That's right - and we have two new gals ready to try it out!
Meet Kathlyn and Pearl as they get muddy for the first time. Kathlyn is wearing a nice white dress with artsy print on the front, while Pearl is wearing a tight brown dress. They both go bare foot in the mud.
They start by take turns walking across the pole, and sure enough, they each fall in the deep thick mud. They then face off on the pole and try to push each other off! It's good messy fun as they are pretty filthy by the end of this first part of two. Have fun!

Kathlyn, Pearl and the Mud Pole part 2
Hang on, because these two are just getting warmed up!
Kathlyn and Pearl continue to have fun in the mud as they attack each other's clean hair with handfulls of the goopy clay. Then, at the end, they get to give each other facials!
Taken with part one, it's yet another epic mud scene from Muddy Pinays.

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