Muddy Pinays DVD's

 Mud Action DVD #05
Price: $35.00 USD
Six more messy and fun scenes full of Muddy Pinays!

Scenes included:

Anne is Introduced to Mud

Sheer Lingerie and Thick Mud

Angel and Trisha Mud Pole pt2

Angel and Trisha Mud Pole pt1

Outdoor Mud Wrestling

Rice Paddy Sarongs

 Mud Action DVD #04
Price: $35.00 USD
This is getting serious! Watch out for Ami, Aiza, Meg, Irah, Pearl, Arlene, Sandra, Lanie and sisters Andrea and Chelle. Get too close and you'll be muddy too!

Scenes included:

Deep Mud Fight part 2

Deep Mud Fight part 1

"Don't be Chicken!"

Pearl and Arlene in the Rice Paddy

Rice Farm Mud Fun

Ami, Aiza and the Mud Pole part 2

Ami, Aiza and the Mud Pole part 1

 Mud Glamour DVD #04
Price: $35.00 USD
They just keep getting better and better! This time it's May (twice), Nora, Andrea, Nicole and Angel M. Mud was never so pretty! (The Angel M scene has yet to be edited)

Scenes included:

Angel M Mud Glamour

May Paddy Mud Glamour

Nicole Mud Glam #2

Andrea Solo Mud Glamour

Nora Mud Glamour

May's Mud Stockings

 Mud Action DVD #03
Price: $35.00 USD
Yet another Mud Action disc!. This one features Andrea, Aiza, Maria, Cathy, Juliette, Sandra, May, Kathlyn and Pearl in muddy, mucky action!

Scenes included:

Kathlyn, Pearl and the Mud Pole part 2

Kathlyn, Pearl and the Mud Pole part 1

Sandra and May Super Mud!

Mud Punishment!

Serious Mud Fight

Mud Pole Action part 2

Mud Pole Action part 1

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